Hello & um...hi again
Right. First off, I have absolutely no idea what to write in a blog/journal thing. I only created this account so I could read the spin off of Anya Violetta's FanFic The Good Morrow. But, I thought, I may as well make some other use of it, so here I am, writing this 'wonderful' entry.

Years ago, I started writing in a diary - every day - and then I stopped. I just couldn't be bothered writing in it. A few years later, I started another one. Same thing happened. In fact, it's happened many times, so how long I will log on and fill your time with nonsense I really don't know. After many long minutes spent pondering my inability to update diaries, I came to two conclusions, both of which fit together nicely. Numero uno (about my limit of Spanish (except 'tienes hambre?' which is the only thing I remember from a year of learning it. Oh and 'playa' is beach, I think)). Anyway, firstly, my life was (and still is, to some extent) incredibly boring. I had absolutely zilch to write about. So I got bored writing about my life and then just gave up. Second reason, is that I seem to have this ability to 'get over' strong emotions pretty quickly, so by the time I had access to my diary, I wasn't feeling strongly about anything, so the entry was pretty emotionless. For example, if someone had upset me or made me really angry and I wanted to rant somewhere about it, I'd rant in my head and that, for me, was quite cathartic (my English teacher would be proud, I just used a key word). Same goes for happiness and excitement, but that usually lasted longer because everybody loves keeping those warm, fuzzy feelings for as long as possible, no?

I realise that I have rambled on and on waaaayy too much about my diary-keeping-ness and if you read all that then I hold a lot of respect for you!

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realise that I have no clue as to what people tend to write about, so if this is not the kind of journal entry you find on here then I apologise. I am just a clueless fourteen year old.

My sister just interupted me telling me about her crush that I hear about every other day. I told her that she is not allowed a boyfriend until I get one, which is unfair, I suppose, because meeting Tom Felton, Ian Somerhalder, Zac Efron or Darren Criss any time soon isn't likely, and as they WILL fall in love with me, it will be a while before I get a boyfriend. Oh the woes of a teenage fangirl!

Bearing in mind that I have an RE test tomorrow, and a physics exam on Friday and have revised properly for neither, I should get off my laptop and sleep. Well, I'll read first - I need to wind down. Not sure if The Hunger Games could be classed as winding down, though - a bit intense. Not that I'd know, seeing as I'm only on page...hang on...page 116. Of 454. So I should have a clear idea of the story, I hear you think, but the truth is, I haven't read it in a few days and my memory is verging on non-existant, so this could be interesting. It's great so far, I remember that, but where I'm up to... Ah yes, Katniss and Peeta's first training sesh with the other tributes. And tying knots. I remember now!

Well then, I'm now at the end of my first LiveJournal entry, so I now have to bid you TTFN, in the words of Tigger!

Love misshoneydukes xxx

PS For those of you who aren't Potterheads, Honeydukes is the name of the sweet shop in Harry Potter. It suits my chocolate addiction well :P


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